Clubbing! (book clubbing)

A while back I started a book club and I didn’t want to be a loner with no friends so I made a poster to promote it. (That’s how you get friends right?) People actually came so I was pretty chuffed. We read The Tiger’s Wife which was excellent.


Here was a sketch in pen of the original layout.

people with books.jpg

this image was made by layering photos, vector images and text in Photoshop.




Graphic Recording Practice & why it’s important

martin Reeves scribe small.jpgThere are 2 reasons to do Graphic Recording practice between paid jobs. 1: to get better (duh) and 2: because the vast majority of client work in this field is Data Protected. Usually you’re working with the top echelons of the company, documenting their strategy and plans for the future, so the content can be a bit top secret. That means absolutely no sharing it on your website on pain of death. As a result, many Graphic Recorders and Facilitators can work solidly for months without anything tangible to show for it (apart from a happy bank manager). So doing the odd ‘practice’ recording is good to keep your hand in, but also useful to show people what you can do. This recording took about 1.5 hours and was then photographed and cleaned up in photoshop to show how it would be delivered to the client. Here’s the original video.

raw-image1raw image 2.jpgthe originals


made with pens and paper and then cleaned in photoshop


Jobs in Space


Is there are place in space for YOU? Recently I started looking into jobs in space.

(Can you believe there is no such thing as a space illustrator? I know.) We all know about astronauts, but they’re just the cool kids the space world. If you don’t happen to be a superhuman with 2020 vision, a pilot’s licence, a PhD and a hot bod, you can still help chip away at the final frontier. I created some illustrations to help you begin your quest…to infinity and beyond!


made in Illustrator and formatted in Indesign


Free the Nature Directives!


Here are some illustrations I did for BirdLife International. They are calling upon Commissioner Vella and Vice President Timmermans of the European Commission (in as nice a way as possible) to release the results of the ‘Fitness Check of the Nature Directives’ and validate them as fit for purpose. It was supposed to be done in Autumn, and they recon it’s now Autumn so they’re using my illustrations in a campaign to give the Commissioners a nudge! Here are the final results:


This illustration started off way weirder (see below) before I was told that Timmermans and Vella should look less scary…


Now they are sweethearts!



Promotional Work for the UN – Nansen Refugee Award 2016

The UN asked me to create some images to promote the search for the next Nansen Refugee Award winner, so here they are. They want to hear about any individual who provided an extraordinary service to the forcibly displaced.

Nominate here: