Clubbing! (book clubbing)

A while back I started a book club and I didn’t want to be a loner with no friends so I made a poster to promote it. (That’s how you get friends right?) People actually came so I was pretty chuffed. We read The Tiger’s Wife which was excellent.


Here was a sketch in pen of the original layout.

people with books.jpg

this image was made by layering photos, vector images and text in Photoshop.




Donkey Heart Poster Design

In a break from the usual I was asked to come up with some quick sketched ideas for a poster for ‘Donkey Heart’ – a play by Moses Raine. In the end none of them were used, but you can see some definite echoes of my designs in the final version at the bottom 🙂 Also I got to buy a great book about Soviet Propaganda art so all worth it in the end. Here’s a review.

Donkey sardines

donkey blue

donkey dolls  blackn title2

donkey outlines

The final version…