Complex Visual Problem Solving

A client recently took a look at my blog, made a confused face and said he couldn’t work out what the key theme of all my work was. Not great. I spend so much time trying to communicate on the part of others, I had obviously neglected to communicate my own message.  So I decided to make it really clear by summing it up in one sentence:


That could mean posters, fliers, live graphic recording at events, pitches etc, infographics, social media posts, blog material. I work in various sectors, primarily business, education and charity, helping my clients spread their messages.

Essentially, you give me your problem concerning communication of your idea and I give you a visual solution to that problem. I can draw but more importantly I CAN THINK. That’s really what you’re paying me for. I listen to you, ask questions about your organisation, your clients, your project and then I provide you with something that will really help you break through all the noise out there. It’s not just a lovely drawing, its something witty as well as pretty and it will make people look again at what you have to say.

And why is that important? These days we are all constantly bombarded with bla bla bla, every second of the day from every angle. I aim to make work that is not bla in any way. Instead of being easy to consume, it has a little edge, asks a little bit from the viewer. I try to compel the viewer to look again, to get the joke, to connect the dots. I believe it’s good to make people work a bit and flex their ‘little grey cells’ – they feel respected, and they appreciate the challenge.

So I hope that explains clearly what the whole point of me is. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!



Digital Scribing practice: Bill Gross ‘The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed’ TED Talk

I needed some practice taking graphic notes digitally so I used this talk by Bill Gross as inspiration… good old TED to the rescue againsuceess




i looked accross



cash copy



Visual Minutes for Met Office #isituseful


A few weeks ago, I went off into the beautiful wilds of Devon to take visual minutes for the Met Office on behalf of the marvellous and mighty SCRIBERIA.

hard to get

We were attending a meeting of Euporias – a project run by 30 international experts in climate service development who gathered to discuss and identify the key principles that should be considered when developing new climate services.


Over 3 days, the Euporias team identified their new set of Principles, and I was there to capture the whole thing. The visuals created were used as a way of communicating the results of the meeting to the climate community and the public as a whole. They were also a great way of keeping track of the huge volume of ideas being produced so that refinements could be carried out and final concepts could be reached.

what they want

They were a lovely group and they did some hard and very useful work!

In other exciting news, there were also beavers in the local river…


Here are the final images. Each is about 3 meters long

METO 2 small

METO 1 small

METO 3 small