Illustration for the UN High Commission for Refugees and UNIQLO

Here is an illustration I did to celebrate the partnership of the UNHCR and UNIQLO and the benefits for refugees. What a cool company!

UNHCR uniqlo FINAL small Clarice Holt

Ali Mohammad, 32, comes from Hama, the fourth-largest city in war-torn Syria. He fled with his wife and their four small children (two boys, two girls).

Since they had to leave quite suddenly, they escaped with little more than the clothes on their backs. They walked for days to reach the border, crossing rugged and dangerous terrain along the way. Without jackets or jumpers, it was very cold.

Now the young family are safe in Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp, where they received clothes donated by our long-standing partner, UNIQLO.

Ali and his wife, and their four young children, look forward to the day when they can return to Syria – and make use of their washing line back home.

See it on the UNHCR account HERE


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