Illustrations for the UNHCR – Mahmoud’s story


Yesterday I created a set of four drawings for the UN Refugee Agency to illustrate the experiences of nine year old Mahmoud, who’s story of relocation from Syria to Sweden is a truly touching one. watch the video HERE. 

banner 3

He fled from Syria and after living an unhappy life in Cairo, Egypt, was relocated this year with his family to Sweden. Watch the video and see how he changes from a scared, quiet little boy into a smiley, inquisitive, happy one. Follow the brilliant work of the UNHCR HERE

Banner 2

The brief was to produce images for a social media campaign that would help spread good news stories from the UNHCR. An inspirational subject matter, a tight turnaround and one very dynamic social media manager made this a truly rewarding and enjoyable challenge. Hopefully the images will be useful in directing people’s attention towards the UNHCR and their work.

page 1 Mahmoud smallpage 2 Mahmoud smallPage 3 Mahmoud smallpage 4 Mahmoud small


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