Work for the British Museum and Oxford University – EMPIRES OF FAITH

Back in June I did a job illustrating live at a conference at Oxford University in conjunction with the great British Museum. Over two days in June this year, a group of staff from the British Museum and guests took on the problem of trying to define religion and think about how religion affects, or is affected, by the sort of objects that make up the British Museum’s collection. It was all part of a research project with the EPIC name of Empires of Faith. BAM BAM BAAAAM

Bruce Lincoln Day 2

Whilst these brilliant minds argued away about some really meaty academic topics, I sat at the back and drew drawings of some of the points they were coming up with. Never  has my tiny brain hurt so badly! So much great thought goes on behind the scenes at Universities across the world, but it is rare that we ordinary Joes and Josephines get to see it. Perhaps these illustrations will help bring these topics to life for a wider range of people. Anyway, here is the result, and I think everyone was happy.

Please read the British Museum’s  very good blog on the topic :


Averil Cameron Bruce Lincoln Matthew Canepa 1 P1040525 P1040526 P1040528 P1040529  P1040532 P1040533 P1040535 P1040537 P1040540 P1040542 P1040544 P1040546 Rubies Simon ColemanP1040531

Averil Cameron day 2 Bruce Lincoln Day 2 Matthew Canepa Day 2 Rubies day 2 Simon Coleman day 2


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