Valentines Cards at Kuka-me

I was asked by Reema Pachaci, owner of the beautiful Notting Hill jewellery boutique Kuka-me, to design some Valentine’s day cards to be sold in the shop. The brief was that they shouldn’t be too slushy and romantic, so naturally the themes I chose were zombies, snail goo, giraffes and grievous bodily harm inflicted by flying children. Here are the resulting images and cards:

brains web Clarice Holt

Cupid web Clarice Holt

I love goo web Clarice Holt

giraffes web Clarice Holt

I love you for your brains web Clarice Holt

giraffes card Clarice Holt web

I love goo Clarice Holt web

cupid 4 Clarice Holt web

logo web Clarice Holt

Last night at Kuka-me there was a Valentine’s themed open evening featuring Mills & Boon, handmade pants from Hamilton & Hare, stunning jewellry designed by Reema Pachachi, and of course my cards…

Kuka-Me window web

beautiful window display

new collection Kuka-Me web

Kuka-me’s new collection

pants web

Hamilton & Hare’s hand made boxer shorts


smart gentleman making very wise purchasing decisions

Cupid 2 web Clarice Holt

My cards!

Kuka-Me giraffes Clarice Holt web

The cards are on sale until Valentines, so if you have a slightly slush-allergic loved one go and buy one now! On sale for £4.50. Or if you just can’t get there and are desperate to purchase one send me an email at

 Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 12.43.02


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