Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds are better than peas. Some people may not agree, but that’s not my problem.

See my point clearly illustrated below.

Pomegranates Clarice Holt

I was reminded of this FACT when eating delicious food from Lunch Box London – a small company that delivers vegan lunches in the Seven sister’s area. I’m no Vegan, but I remain amazed every time at how good this food is. If, like me, you’re are a lazy person who wants to pay very little whilst receiving an astonishingly high-quality service, Lunch Box London is a finger in the face of everyone who told you you were an entitled prima donna. Boobs to you naysayers.

If you’re in the Seven sister’s area just call and order in the morning and receive superb  food at lunch time for next-to-nothing.

P.S:  I don’t like hummus as it reminds me of humus, but this hummus is the only hummus that doesn’t make me want to spewmus… I mean that doesn’t seem like much of an advert, but really it’s amazing.

PPS: there are often pomegranate seeds involved.

So in the spirit of supporting small local businesses and because I wanted to draw pomegranate seeds as they are SHINY, I thought that was worth blogging about.


One thought on “Pomegranate Seeds

  1. Would you mind if i used one little seed for my pomegranate seed packaging label(i am a fruit seller) and gave you credit? will not if it is not ok!

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